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Experts certification IFS HPC

IFS HPC v2 standard and its objectives

Consumers’ ever-increasing demands, distributors rising responsibilities, the increasing amount of legal requirements and the globalization of product flows have made it essential to develop a uniform quality and safety management system of consumer products.

IFS HPC for International Features Standard – HouseHold & Personal Care

What activities and products are concerned by IFS HPC?

The IFS HPC is a Standard for auditing products / processes of suppliers manufacturing household and personal care products for Private Label, or National Brands or No Name. 

Which countries do we cover?

We work at an international level.

We regularly carry out audits in France, Europe and we also  travel to Asia, North America and the Middle East several times a year.

In what language is the certification audit performed? In what language is the report written out ?

We have the possibility to carry out your certification audit in French, English or Spanish directly. For other languages, the support of a translator may be requested.

The report must be written in English systematically, but a version in another language may be provided :  bilingual English / French or bilingual English / Spanish 

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