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IFS HPC v2 framework and its objectives


IFS HPC v2 standard and its objectives

Consumers’ ever-increasing demands, distributors rising responsibilities, the increasing amount of legal requirements and the globalization of product flows have made it essential to develop a uniform quality and safety management system of consumer products.

IFS HPC for International Features Standard – HouseHold & Personal Care

The IFS audit framework for suppliers of household and personal care products has therefore been created in a collegial way by most European Retailers. Version 2 of the IFS HPC has been applied since 1st January 2017 and replaces the initial version of October 2009.

The fundamental objectives of the IFS Household and Personal Care Products Standard as well as

other IFS Standards are:

• to establish a common standard with a uniform assessment  system,

• to work with accredited certification bodies and qualified auditors,

• to ensure comparability and transparency throughout the entire supply chain,

• to reduce costs and time for both suppliers and retailers.

The core of this framework is risk management, which allows manufacturers to demonstrate that their products do not represent a danger to health and / or safety of consumers and that they comply with regulatory requirements.

The IFS HPC standard covers most of the requirements of ISO 22716 (GMP for cosmetics)

The audit focuses, among other things, on the checking of risk management, customer specifications, traceability and crisis management.

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