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What activities and products are concerned by IFS HPC?

The IFS HPC is a Standard for auditing products / processes of suppliers manufacturing household and personal care products for Private Label, or National Brands or No Name. 

It  covers four specific groups  of non-food consumer products:

  • Scope 1 :  Cosmetics (e.g. make up, lotions, shampoo, creams, etc.)
  • Scope 2 :  Household chemical products (e.g. detergents, softeners, cleaning agents, air fresheners’, etc.)
  • Scope 3 :  Daily use household products (e.g. Sponges , Kitchen rolls , brooms, aluminum foil, Rubbish Bags , etc.) and food contact product (e.g. disposable tableware, etc.)
  • Scope 4 :  Personal hygiene products (e.g. tweezers, Toilet paper, tissues, female care, toothbrushes, diapers, etc.)

ATeCQ certification can carry out certification of your production plant of these 4 scopes as well as certifications of  combined scopes with a single auditor.

Contact us to know the scope that concerns you.

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ATeCQ Certification
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ATeCQ Certification