ATeCQ Certification


Are you an IFS HPC qualified auditor? We are looking to expand our team, do not hesitate to contact us to propose your application!

In what language is the IFS HPC or GMP certification audit performed? In what language is the report written out ?

We have the possibility to carry out your certification audit in French, English or Spanish directly. For other languages, the support of a translator may be requested.

The report must be written in English systematically, but a version in another language may be provided :  bilingual English / French or bilingual English / Spanish 

We also can do GMP - 22716 * certification for cosmetic manufacturers.

* In accordance with the regulations, certification to ISO 22716: 2007 relating to Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products constitutes a presumption of conformity, and does not replace inspections by the competent authorities.

Which countries do we cover?

We operate on a world level: On a daily basis we carry out audits in France and Europe and we also regularly travel to Asia, North America and the Middle East, several times a year

For audits carried out in France, Spain, Mexico, England and the USA, we work directly in the language of the country. For other countries, a validated translator can accompany us, according to the needs of the company.

ATeCQ Certification
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ATeCQ Certification