ATeCQ Certification

In what language is the IFS HPC or GMP certification audit performed? In what language is the report written out ?

We have the possibility to carry out your certification audit in French, English or Spanish directly. For other languages, the support of a translator may be requested.

The report must be written in English systematically, but a version in another language may be provided :  bilingual English / French or bilingual English / Spanish 

We also can do GMP - 22716 * certification for cosmetic manufacturers.

* In accordance with the regulations, certification to ISO 22716: 2007 relating to Good Manufacturing Practices for cosmetic products constitutes a presumption of conformity, and does not replace inspections by the competent authorities.

Which countries do we cover?

We operate on a world level: On a daily basis we carry out audits in France and Europe and we also regularly travel to Asia, North America and the Middle East, several times a year

For audits carried out in France, Spain, Mexico, England and the USA, we work directly in the language of the country. For other countries, a validated translator can accompany us, according to the needs of the company.

ATeCQ Certification
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ATeCQ Certification